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Based inNew York we are the experts in providing private air charter service to the business and leisure traveler!

Our large, global network of aircraft give our customers a variety of options for secure, comfortable, and hassle-free service! Please see our private jets to charter

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Chartering your own aircraft from Professional Air Charter puts you in complete control of your journey! Any time...Anywhere -- we handle each minute detail of your trip so that your entire flying experience is absolutely hassle free! Our in depth industry knowledge gives our customers the insider's advantage in chartering a private aircraft for business or pleasure. At Professional Air Charter our customers are guaranteed the security, comfort, and pleasure that they deserve.

Our aircraft network consists of a diverse fleet of jet, turbo prop, and twin engine equipment. Customers are matched to a particular aircraft based on their unique needs and travel profiles. Professional Air Charter's goal is to maximize comfort, while minimizing travel time and overall cost factors. Efficiency and value are important considerations when planning any trip.

Prestige Jet Charter utilizes small, executive class airports that offer easy access to the customer's home base and final destination. Private airports typically offer their patrons "free parking" just steps away from their door steps. Private car service and rental cars are easily arranged, in advance, by our staff. Additionally, flights can be custom catered to accommodate the most discriminating preferences!

  • Cargo Aircraft are leased whilst the client awaits the delivery of a new aircraft.

  • Cargo Aircraft are leased by clients when their aircraft are down on maintenance.

  • Cargo Aircraft are leased to enhance and supplement the existing capacity of an airline during peak season.

  • Cargo Aircraft are leased for trial purposes by clients before purchasing a new one. Clients may wish to try out the range, size and cost of a specific model to ensure it meets their requirements.


Professional Air Charter, a private aviation company, is no FAA licensed (HYUK 2121J), Bahamian permitted, and U.S. insured. Our aircraft and flight crews meet the highest FAA standards for safety and professionalism.

All Prestige Jet Charter COMPANY aircraft are factory manufactured ready to fly airplanes.

The LSA classification not only opens the door to many more people who had visions to become pilots.
The advance design, lighter weight aircraft provide an opportunity for those who previously were unable to obtain a license because of FAA medical requirements, and for pilots who because of medical reasons, lost the ability to fly FAR23 aircraft.
The third benefit to this classification is that the aircraft are affordable in price and operate for less than half cost of a standard FAR23 model aircraft in service today.
The engineering, manufacturing and maintenance documentation for the Rally SLSA have passed the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification requirements.

The Rally LSA aircraft has passed SLSA certification and gained its airworthiness certificate from the FAA.

Century LSA is just weeks away from LAMA and FAA certification. SeaStorm LSA certification is delayed into the future due to LSA weight limit restrictions.
Prestige Jet Charter COMPANY plans to expand its production in 2007 to include the Storm Aircraft Srl series that require FAR 23 certification.

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In your email please ensure you state the aircraft or company you are enquiring about as this will enable us to provide a faster response.

Please note that replies to emails are usually within two weeks but may be longer due to holidays.

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